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DORO never wants to retire: “there's no other life”


In a new interview with Belgian Jasper, German metal singer Doro Pesch, who formed her previous band WARLOCK four decades ago, was asked if she he has ever contemplated retirement. The 59-year-old musician responded: “I’m thinking 24 hours about new songs, about the record, about the tour, about festivals. There’s no other life. I grew up with horses, and I miss having pets in my life… But to me, I made up my mind when I was 24. I was living for 20, 25 years in Manhattan. One day I woke up and I thought, ‘Okay, today I wanna choose my priorities,’ and then it was very clear. I wanna live for the music and then nothing else. And then it was okay.”

She continued: “I’m so happy that I made that decision, because before I thought, ‘Yeah, I wanna have this and I wanna have pets and horses and dogs and maybe I wanna have kids and maybe I wanna have a husband.’ But you can’t. You have to make a decision, in my case, and that’s the reason why I never married. I don’t have any kids, but I have all the fans, and I feel like we are a big family. And I always feel so good in each and every country, in each and every city. And that’s definitely a dream. Like doing music for such a long time. Oh, I didn’t think that we would do it more than five, six, seven years.”

Back in 2009, Doro told Sleaze Roxx that she didn’t “believe in retirement. I think I will be on stage until the very end,” she said. “I think I will die on stage; it’s what I love to do. As long as people come out to the shows I will continue to perform. It doesn’t matter if it is five people or five thousand.”

German metal queen Doro has released a new song called “Children Of The Dawn” last week. The track is taken from Doro‘s upcoming studio album, “Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud”, due on October 27 via Nuclear Blast. The music video for “Children Of The Dawn” was directed by Mirko Witzki (CALIBANANY GIVEN DAYEMIL BULLS).

Watch “Children Of The Dawn” below.

Doro states: “‘Children Of The Dawn’ is an epic anthem, powerful and stirring! It’s one of my absolute favorite tracks on the new album and that’s why it’s the opener.”

Watch the previously released  ‘Time For Justice’, ‘Bond Unbending’ and  ‘Living After Midnight’ below.

Stream the song on all platforms:  https://doro.bfan.link/time-for-justice

Pre-save the album:  https://doro.bfan.link/conqueress

For the big 40th Throne anniversary, the Metal Queen also invites you to two mega concerts: on 2.8. to a big headlining show in Wacken, on 28.10. to the anniversary show in Düsseldorf and to many other worldwide festivals.

It couldn’t be more fitting. In 1983, 19-year-old Dorothee Pesch from Düsseldorf set out to conquer the rock world. Today, 40 years, over 10 million studio albums sold and countless awards later, DORO has been the undisputed queen of metal for decades and, with over 3,500 concerts in more than 60 countries around the world, has earned herself an outstandingly powerful and enthusiastic fan base!

DORO Pesch stands for one of the greatest success stories in the rock scene.

Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud comes in following formats:

Jewel case

2CD Digibook with 36p booklet (including bonus tracks)

2LP in gatefold with 2 inserts | Splatter white/black

2LP in gatefold with 2 inserts | Marbled white/blue

2LP in gatefold with 2 inserts | Red transparent

2LP in gatefold with 2 inserts | Picture

Box Set 2LP in gatefold with 2 inserts (incl bonus tracks) + 2CD Digibook with 36p booklet (including bonus tracks) + Pendant + Numbered & Signed Certificate + Poster + Patch + Pick

Catch DORO live:

Catch DORO live:
15.07. DE Saarbrücken – Open Air am E-Werk
16.07. DE Rottendorf – Gut Wöllried
21.07. IT Cremona – Lupollo in Rock 2023
28.07. DE Seebronn – Rock of Ages 2023
02.08. DE Wacken – W.O.A. 2023
19.08. CZ Moravský Krumlov – Rock Castle
26.08. DE Hameln – Paddy Rock Open Air 2023
02.09. AT Graz – Metal On The Hill
06.09. US Atlanta – ProgPower USA XXII
15.10. ES Santanyi – Full Metal Holiday
28.10. DE Düsseldorf – Mitsubishi Electric Halle

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