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DEVIN TOWNSEND "may actually really love" his upcoming album 'Lightwork'


Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Devin Townsend says that he “may actually really love” his upcoming album, “Lightwork”Devin recorded the effort with producer Garth Richardson at the latter’s The Farm Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In an Instagram post of yesterday (Monday, June 6),Devin wrote:

“So my next album is called ‘Lightwork’ and it’s a bit different for me in a few ways: I spent a fair amount of time trying to dislike it (I think) because I worked with a team on it instead of just braining out on it myself, and I guess the challenges of that process disconnected me from it slightly at first and I wanted to hate it. In the end however, I’ve decided that not only do I like it, but I may actually really love it.”

He continued: “It’s not what I expected and it’s not what I would have done if left to my own devices of course, but that may ultimately be the whole point. It makes me feel good and says something quite healthy. It kind of represents a ‘bridge between two continents’ in some ways… as in: sort of a fulcrum between where I ‘was’ and where I am going. It’s kind of simple structurally and sort of commercial in some senses, but it’s still something I can get behind and enjoy hearing, and it not only says what I feel I need to say at this point, but maybe says things I didn’t realize I needed to say as well.’

Townsend added: “After working tirelessly prior to this tour to finish it and make peace with it, I’m proud to say it’s good. We’ll be releasing three songs from it that together kind of summarize the theme, and honestly after a bunch of false starts, I’ll be making the first two videos myself this week as I think it’s more honest that way. The first song is kind of a simple introduction to the theme that may be off putting, The second song is my favourite, and the third one will be super epic.

“It’s been a difficult few years and my life has changed more dramatically than I realized… ‘Lightwork’ represents, I think, the resolve to stay balanced during a turbulent time and I’m grateful for it and for what comes next. I hope the audience sees it for what it is as opposed to what it isn’t, but ultimately: I have decided it was what I needed to say.

“I know I’m a lunatic in a lot of ways, but I think I’m more at peace with that now as a result as well.

Earlier this year, Devin told Stereoboard about “Lightwork”: “‘Lightwork’ is the exhaust of the process of trying to figure out how fucking crazy the world is. Describing the LP’s musical direction as “strong, healthy, clean and big,” he explained that right now “I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to participate in something that’s oppressively heavy. So, it’s a lot more light-hearted. It’s easy listening and it’s innocent.

“I think the diehards may like it in the beginning and then get bored of it quickly,” he said. “I think that the people who are much less invested in what it is that I do will probably like it more than the others. It’s a lot easier to digest.”

Last December, Devin released a new album, “The Puzzle”. The LP was accompanied by five-part documentary.

Unlike most of Devin‘s recent musical output, which has been made available via Sony‘s leading progressive music label imprint InsideOut Music“The Puzzle” was released through Devin‘s own label.

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