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DEVILDRIVER to release new album, 'Dealing With Demons Vol. II', in May

Releases "Through The Depths"

Photo credit: Jeremy Saffer


DEVILDRIVER didn’t pause, releasing the acclaimed first installment of their two-part “Dealing With Demons” saga, “Dealing With Demons I”. Now, as society emerges more hardened and determined than before, so does DEVILDRIVER‘s tenth full-length, “Dealing With Demons Vol. II”. The first example of this new onslaught can be experienced today via the band’s first single from “Dealing With Demons Vol. II”, titled “Through The Depths”.

Fafara says about “Through The Depths”: “‘Through The Depths’ is a conversation between a higher power and humans regarding the power of thinking ideas into existence, but being very careful of being arrogant behind those wants and needs. The first lines give this away: ‘Attention attention, you’re seeking, you’ve asked for, it’s given’ (the higher power says). Then the lines of the chorus are that same higher power speaking to humans, saying: ‘through the depths to the ascension, nothing you wouldn’t do for my attention, held to the fire it’s not my crime, you’ve pinned it on me for the last time.’ Meaning – don’t blame the Gods (pin it on them) for your fuck ups. Meaning – put it out there and take steps to attain goals and take accountability. This track is the essence of ‘Dealing With Demons Vol. II’, and the conversations within the record get way deeper than even this.”

International media mainstays like RevolverMetal HammerKerrang! and Consequence lauded “Dealing With Demons I”, which debuted at No. 4 on the U.S. Current Hard Music Albums chart. BLABBERMOUTH.NET stated, “If the second half of this mammoth endeavor matches the first, this will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the DEVILDRIVER story.” Rest assured, “Dealing With Demons Vol. II” doubles down on the brutality — and then some!

Track one “I Have No Pity” instantly keeps fans guessing with its contrasting, marching rhythmic groove and Fafara‘s icy, earworm warnings. The album’s standout production immediately shines, with the track’s thick riffs, haunting leads, room-filling drums and Fafara‘s vocal prowess leading the way. Eerie, insistent “Mantra” drops a wave of melodic aggression on the listener, instantly inducing headbanging with its breakneck pace and occult lyricism. Dynamic tracks like “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Summoning” cascade with alternating passages of sinister riffage and memorable chants. “Bloodbath” is as brutal as its name suggests, ominously bending and pummeling with immediate aggression, as “It’s A Hard Truth” continues the onslaught, cautioning against delusion amid balanced melodic leads. Closer anthems “If Blood Is Life” and “This Relationship, Broken” are the blood-soaked cherries atop “Dealing With Demons Vol. II”, bringing together all of the elements that make DEVILDRIVER the best at their craft.

Fafara adds: “‘Dealing With Demons Vol. II’ is — simply put — a conversation in its entirety about dealing with ‘inner’ demons. It’s a conversation in song form between ‘self and a power apart from one’s self, and trying to bury old entities.'”

“Dealing With Demons Vol. II” track listing:

01. I Have No Pity
02. Mantra
03. Nothing Lasts Forever
04. Summoning
05. Through The Depths
06. Bloodbath
07. It’s A Hard Truth
08. If Blood Is Life
09. This Relationship, Broken

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