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DEICIDE announces August 2023 European tour


DEICIDE have announced a European tour for this summer. The 15-date trek will kick off on August 2 at the Beyond The Gates festival in Bergen, Norway and conclude on August 18 at the Motorcultor festival in Saint-Nolff, France.

A full list of shows can be found on the poster below.

DEICIDE recently completed recording its long-awaited new studio album.

During an appearance on an episode of “The Jasta Show”, the video podcast hosted by HATEBREED frontman Jamey JastaDEICIDE frontman Glen Benton explained the delay in releasing the band’s new studio LP. He said: “Well, we signed a new deal with one of these record companies out there. I guess I’m not at liberty to say anything, who it is yet; they’re gonna announce it soon. Yeah, man, we’ve had the album in the works, but we got stuck doing this whole ‘Legion (30th-anniversary celebration thing, and it kind of put the record to the backburner.”

Regarding what he and his bandmates were looking for in a record deal, Glen said: “We wanted a one-record deal, man, with a big pile of money to get it done. And we got it… We get to both walk away after it. I think it kind of puts people to do a better job and to promote it better. I think it’s gonna be a lot better experience for us. We’ve always had these multi-record deals that we’ve had to do. And you know as well as I do, after the first record, you’re, like, ‘What did I do?’ It was a toss-up between doing it like this and just doing it ourselves. And me and Steve (AsheimDEICIDE drummer) don’t wanna lick envelopes and put stamps on shit. So that’s why we went this route.”

Last August, Benton told “The Garza Podcast” that DEICIDE‘s new music “is really anthem-style stuff. It’s really good, man. There’s a lot of prog stuff in there, mixed in there. Steve‘s our prog guy, man; he’s the progressive rock guy. He likes to write those really black metal riffs and the progressive stuff. He’s an amazing talent, man. He plays piano. He can play sweeps on guitar. He’s a drummer. Yeah, he can do it all.”

Benton went on to say that the next DEICIDE album was written in 2021 before he and his bandmates agreed to embark on a tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of DEICIDE‘s second album, “Legion”. But, he explained, “We’re getting ready to hammer this deal out right now and get this thing out.”

DEICIDE played its first show with new guitarist Taylor Nordberg (THE ABSENCEINHUMAN CONDITION) on May 21 at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Watch the live footage of Nordberg’s first ever DEICIDE showshow below.

Three months ago, Nordberg spoke about how he landed the DEICIDE gig in an interview with “The Zach Moonshine Show”. He said: “In 2019, my band THE ABSENCE toured with DEICIDE in the U.S. And we got to know the guys and got along really well. And I actually found out that Glen (BentonDEICIDE frontman) lives, like, two streets over from Jeramie (Kling, VENOM INC, THE ABSENCE drummer) and I, where we live. So Jeramie and Glen became good buddies and they ride bikes all the times. It’s a funny little thing, thinking about that. But long story short, (previous DEICIDE guitarist) Chris (Cannella), I believe he’s the head of A&R at Dean Guitars so he’s focusing on that for right now. I heard that they needed a guitar player, so I learned a couple of songs, made a couple of videos, and Glen saw ’em and liked what he saw. So we had a couple of practices, and bing bang boom, here we are.

Cannella “amicably” left DEICIDE in January after a three-year run.

When Benton first announced Nordberg‘s addition to DEICIDE, he said in a statement: “We are pleased to announce and welcome Taylor Nordberg to the DEICIDE family! An amazing and accomplished guitarist who takes our sound to the next level and brings a profound level of professionalism that completes and compliments the DEICIDE machine!

Cannella said in a separate statement: “Yes, it is true. I am no longer in DEICIDE. There is no drama and we all kept it quiet as to not lead into drama or speculation.

“I have all the love and respect for GlenSteve and Kevin. I had so many great times over the last three years I cherish for a lifetime, especially the friendship.

“Cheers to all and thanks for all the love and support. I’m excited for what’s to come.


Cannella joined DEICIDE in 2019 following the departure of guitarist Mark English.

English became a member of DEICIDE in 2016 after the exit of longtime guitarist Jack Owen.

DEICIDE‘s latest album, “Overtures Of Blasphemy”, was released in September 2018 via Century Media.

Later this year, DEICIDE will embark on a special tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their second album, “Legion”Benton and his bandmates will perform the LP in its entirety, along with other tracks from their vast catalog.

Nordberg is currently active in 10 bands, most of which also feature VENOM INC drummer Jeramie Kling, who is also the sound engineer for Deicide.

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