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Death Metallers DORMANTH release video for "Tragicomic Day"


Death Metallers DORMANTH release video for “Tragicomic Day”

Spanish melodic Death Metal band DORMANTH, have just released a video-clip of the song “Tragicomic Day” as second advance single from their 4th album to be entitled “Complete Downfall“, which will be released in December 15th, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD format.

Watch “Tragicomic Day” below.

Watch the previously released ‘Fire’ below.

DORMANTH was founded in 1993 as one of the first melodic Death Metal bands in Spain, releasing their 1st demo “Sadness” in 1994 and their debut album “Valley of Dreams” in 1995, to later dissolve during 20 years, until their reunion in 2015 when they released a 2-track EP, followed by their 2nd album “Winter Comes” (’16), a 3rd one “IX Sins” (’18) and their most recent mini CD “Abyss” (’19).

Currently, DORMANTH share two members with IN THOUSAND LAKES (vocalist and drummer), the same ones that appeared in the initial lineups of the band.

The tracklist for “Complete Downfall” is as follows:

01. Dreamcatcher
02. Fire
03. Tragicomic Day
04. Beyond the Gates
05. Odyssey in Time
06. The Origin
07. Dark Times For the God’s Creation
08. -273º K
09. Brainstorm
10. Crystal Bone
11. Bloody Scars

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