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DEAD EXALTATION release "Coerced Sewer Ingest" from upcoming album Despondent


“Coerced Sewer Ingest” is the first single from Despondent, the upcoming album by Indian technical/progressive death metal band Dead Exaltation.

Stream “Coerced Sewer Ingest” below.

Dead Exaltation is a technical/progressive death metal band from Pune, India. They began in 2015, drawing inspiration from a variety of bands including Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Gorod, Spawn of Possession, and Cynic.

Satyajit Gargori – Vocals
Mradul Singhal – Guitar
Aditya Oke – Drums

Mixed by Anomaly Sound Design
Mastered by Aakash Sherpa.

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