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DAVID ELLEFSON is selling tour-used and studio-played MEGADETH gear


Former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson is parting ways with several signed pieces of the band’s gear.

Ellefson‘s official merchandise site has listed five signed MEGADETH-related items, including an album-used Hamer 12-string bass guitar (price: $1,500), a tour-played black Jackson CBXM IV David Ellefson X Series signature bass ($1,500), a tour-used Jackson X Series David Ellefson signature series concert bass CBX five-string bass guitar ($2,500), MEGADETH tour-used Hartke Hydrive 8×10″ cabinets in flight cases ($4,000) and a MEGADETH tour-used flight case with five Hartke LH1000 Heads ($6,500).

Ellefson was fired from MEGADETH earlier this year after sexually tinged messages and explicit video footage involving the bassist were posted on Twitter. At the time, Ellefson was accused of grooming an underage girl through videos and online messages. David has denied the allegation and has repeatedly said the woman in question had been a willing, consenting adult at the time of their virtual sexual encounter. Ellefson accompanied his denial with an alleged screenshot of a statement from the woman with whom he was supposedly involved at the time. In it, the woman admitted to recording the alleged intimate communications she had with Ellefson and called herself “naïve” for sharing them with a friend without the musician’s permission.

David was in MEGADETH from the band’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until his latest exit.

In 2004, Ellefson filed an $18.5-million lawsuit against Dave Mustaine, alleging the MEGADETH frontman shortchanged him on profits and backed out of a deal to turn Megadeth Inc. over to him when the band broke up in 2002. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed and Ellefson rejoined MEGADETH in 2010.

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