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Dave Mustaine, Ron McGovney and Jason Newsted unite in new band METALLICA ORIGIN


Dave Mustaine, Ron McGovney and Jason Newsted unite in new band METALLICA ORIGIN

Original METALLICA bassist and solo guitarist Ron McGovney and Dave Mustaine are reunited in the new band METALLICA ORIGIN. Also joining them on rhythm guitar is former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted. The new drummer has yet to be announced, but the names of Chris Adler, Dave Lombardo and Mike Portnoy have been mentioned. The band will focus primarily on the songs from the Metallica catalogue that Mustaine and McGovney contributed to.

Dave Mustaine states:
This is something I am extremely proud of to announce. With Ron alongside me, I think we are as close to the original line-up as the other incarnation is. The idea of starting a band in which I could reclaim my old tunes was walking around in my head for years. But I didn’t want to come across as something vindictive, for the lack of a better word. Expecially now, with the story we had about the release of the early demos, to which I was given zero writing credits and therefore blocked the re-release. On the other hand, I am in better contact with the Metallica camp than I have ever been. They were among the first to wish me luck when I had to undergo medical treatment last year. But to deny me from this part of history is just something that feels wrong. Not to me, but towards the fans. Of course it is just about me and Ron, but to have Jason around gave it that extra kinda flavor, if you like. We are still testing out what drummer would fit the best and maybe we will work with session drummer, we haven’t really decided yet. You will hear it when we want to tell. Watch out for us on all major festivals this summer“.

Jason Newsted fills in:
Of course, this is Dave’s game. and Ron’s presence soldifies it and I am extremely humble that I get the opportunity to play rhythm guitar alongside such an incredible guitarist. Maybe the best there is in this field, especially when it comes to songwriting. Dave will also handle most of the vocal duties, but we agree that some passages fit my vocal range better. This all feels natural and we are really looking forward to playing these old tunes again, the way they are intended, not the way you grew accustom to.

No tour dates have been announced yet, but all big festivals in Europe have reserved key spots in their schedule, indicating that they will announce METALLICA ORIGIN any time soon.


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