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CYTOTOXIN announce dates for first 2021 tour


CYTOTOXIN announce dates for first 2021 tour

German brutal death metallers CYTOTOXIN have announced their first European headline tour, following the release of new LP Nuklearth, (August 2020, Unique Leader Records).

Dates as follows:
March 26, Weinheim, DE
March 27, Lyon, FR
March 28, Paris, FR
March 29, Diest, BE
March 30, Rotterdam, NL
March 31, Oberhausen, DE
April 01, Hamburg, DE
April 02, Berlin, DE
April 03, Leipzig, DE
April 04, Aalen, DE
April 05, München, DE
April 06, Brno, CZ
April 07, Wien, AU
April 08, Bratislava, SK
April 09, Kärnten, AU
April 10, Bern, CH

Stream and purchase Nuklearth AT THIS LOCATION.

During the night of April 26th in 1986 a world-changing accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Inspired by this catastrophe and its consequences, CYTOTOXIN first pulverised the death metal world in 2010.

In 2011 the band released their self-produced full-length album Plutonium Heaven, and the following year they entered Kohlekeller Studios (Aborted, Benighted) to forge their highly appreciated second record Radiophobia. Since the release of Radiophobia via Unique Leader Records in 2012, CYTOTOXIN continually toured the clubs and festivals of Europe. In January 2017 the band returned to Kohlekeller Studios to record their highly anticipated third album Gammageddon, which was released later that year. 

Ready to conquer the world with their new weapon Nuklearth, and now their debut headline tour – you better keep your gasmask at hand.

1. Atomb
2. Lupus Aurora
3. Uran Breath
4. Dominus
5. Drown in Havoc
6. Soul Harvester
7. Coast of Lies
8. Quarantine Fortress
9. Dead Zone Anthem
10. Nuklearth
11. Mors Temporis

Sebastian Grihm – vocals
Fabrice Töpfer – guitars
Vitalis Kast – bass
Jason Melidonie – guitars
Stephan Stockburger – drums

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