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CRYSTAL VIPER "The Cult" full album stream


Before its release tomorrow, Polish band CRYSTAL VIPER are streaming their new album “The Cult” in its entirety. “The Cult” will be released through French label Listenable Records

Stream the entire album “The Cult” below.

Band leader Marta Gabriel comments : “It’s super exciting to share this new album with the world! Not only it marks the beginning of the new era of CRYSTAL VIPER, as it’s our first album with Ced, and first album for Listenable Records, but we are releasing it in really weird, dark times. I really hope it will cheer some of the Heavy Metal fans out there up. We really enjoyed working on it, as we managed to return to our roots, and revisit our earliest inspirations. We woke up the kids in us, the same ones that were discovering first IRON MAIDEN albums with “monsters” on the cover, who were listening to the same JUDAS PRIEST cassettes in their walkmans again and again, who were bringing home VHS tapes with low budget horror movies, or who were reading comics and cheap sci-fi novels. Our new album is full of emotions, energy, and represents what CRYSTAL VIPER is all about! I really can’t wait to perform this new material live on stage, where it belongs!”
Stream the previously released lyric video for ‘THE CULT’ and ‘ASENATH WAITE’ below

“The Cult”, is also available on all digital & streaming platforms AT THIS LOCATION.

Band leader Marta Gabriel comments:
I think that the title track, is one of the most representative ones when it comes to our new album. It has this gloomy atmosphere, easy-to-remember vocal line, and very classic sounding guitar riffs and harmonies, which dominated the new album. MAIDEN, PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, even MERCYFUL FATE and DIAMOND HEAD – it’s where it’s all coming from, this is the core and the roots of CRYSTAL VIPER, the classic heavy metal. I’m very excited to share it with the world!”

The Cult’ cover artwork was painted by Mario Lopez, and it kind of reveals what’s inside” continues Marta.
It’s a classic looking heavy metal artwork, and yes, one look at it and at the song titles, and you will know that it’s all about. H.P. Lovecraft !.”

The album comes in various formats and bundle packages.

Track listing:
01. Providence
02. The Cult
03. Whispers From Beyond
04. Down In The Crypt
05. Sleeping Giants
06. Forgotten Land
07. Asenath Waite
08. The Calling
09. Flaring Madness
10. Lost In The Dark
11. Welcome Home (King Diamond cover – CD bonus)
11. Trial By Fire (Satan cover – Vinyl bonus)

Marta Gabriel – vocals, guitars
Andy Wave – guitars
Eric Juris – guitars
Blaze Grygiel – bass
Cederick Forsberg – drums

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