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CRO-MAGS “The Quarantine Show” Full Live Stream Available


CRO-MAGS “The Quarantine Show” Full Live Stream Available

Announced on Friday, March 13, the Body Count/CRO-MAGS show at Webster Hall in NYC was postponed, leading CRO-MAGS founder/bassist/vocalist Harley Flanagan and crew (guitarists Rocky George and Joseph Affe, Garry “Gman” Sullivan on drums) hit SIR Studios on Sunday, March 15 and took their set online, now known as “The Quarantine Show.” Today, the band delivers the full, multi-camera performance.

Harley Flanagan:
I am glad we were able to give you all a free concert in this time of quarantine. I would not have been able to do it without my team and I would like to thank them. These are the times we have to find new ways to help each other. We as people can’t let the fear turn us against each other. Stay strong, be smart and stay safe!

March 15th 2020 – The Quarantine Show:
1. We Gotta Know
2. Down But Not Out
3. World Peace
4. Show You No Mercy
5. No One’s Victim
6. Steal My Crown
7. These Streets
8. Street Justice
9. Death Camps
10. Don’t Talk About It
11. Hard Times
12. Apocalypse Now

• »The Age Of Quarrel« (1986)
• »Best Wishes« (1989)
• »Alpha Omega« (1992)
• »Near Death Experience« (1993)
• »Revenge« (2000)

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