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Chilean thrashers Nuclear release video for "Abusados"


Chilean thrashers Nuclear release video for “Abusados”

Chilean metal outfit NUCLEAR announce the release the new track “Abusados”, the second single off “Murder Of Crows”. The 5-piece just finished the mastering process of their brand new delivery called “Murder Of Crows” which follows on the heels of their 2015 release “Formula For Anarchy”.  The song – entirely written in Spanish – talks about the reasons behind the Chilean social outburst and how excessive and inhuman was the response from the Chilean Government.

Watch ‘Facing Towards You’ below.

Watch the previously released ‘Facing Towards You’ below.

Nuclear’s signing also puts an end to a five year long silence in the band’s discography and comes right after an extensive EU/UK winter tour alongside Abbath, 1349 and Vltimas which ended in Stockholm, Sweden, the city where the label is based.

Guitarist Francisco Haussmann on the signing:

It is a pleasure to start this association with Black Lodge Records. I have been looking for years to work closely with a label that understands the band’s needs both artistically and logistically. I met Johan (Haller) in Stockholm and I am positive that Black Lodge will deliver. I am really happy with this”.

Singer Matias Leonicio added:

We are really happy and enthusiastic to be part of Black Lodge Records’ roster. Without a doubt working together will bring a lot of support to our upcoming albums. We just can advance that this new album is going to be a very powerful discharge of South American metal”.

01. Pitchblack (Intro)
02. Murder Of Crows
03. No Light After All
04. When Water Thickens Blood
05. Friendly Sociopath
06. Abusados
07. Misery Inc.
08. Facing Towards You
09. Hatetrend
10. Blood To Spare
11. Useless To Mankind

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