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CELLAR DARLING release new lyric video 'Burn'


CELLAR DARLING release new lyric video ‘Burn’

CELLAR DARLING unveil the new lyric video for ‘Burn’ from their latest album »The Spell«, which you can see AT THIS LOCATION.

The band comment:
Just in time for the holiday season and to counteract the cold, we present you with “Burn”, yet another animated video from our concept album “The Spell”, once again created by Costin Chioreanu. This is the 9th video in our ongoing series, in which every one of the 13 album tracks will receive a visual interpretation by Costin. We hope you enjoy it!

The entire album will be visualised with animated music videos to present the whole story of »The Spell« in the enchanting and unmistakable style of Costin Chioreanu’s visual imagination. The remaining videos will be released later this year to complete the story so far.

Watch the story so far AT THIS LOCATION.

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