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BÜRNER exclusive full album premiere "Baptized in Gasoline"


BÜRNER exclusive full album premiere “Baptized in Gasoline”

Swedish hard rock powerhouse BÜRNER will release the new album “Baptized in Gasoline” on 30th September 2020 via Time To Kill Records. The album streams exclusively through Arrow Lords Of Metal.

Listen to the entire album “Baptized in Gasoline”below.

Says Bürner:
We are super excited that the release date is finally here. The album turned out great and we are proud of it. “Baptized in Gasoline” is an injection of adrenaline!
It has been some waiting due to the covid19 situation but now it´s happening. (A bit of a dream come true for all of us in the band.)
In Bürner we have our Hard rocking style and we will stick to playing and writing stuff “Bürnerstyle”.

When we signed up to work with TTK we genuinely felt that they liked our music and the fact that all bands in the TTK family is Hard Rock and Metal made the choice easy. They have endured thru these hard times and stood by us all the way.
Keep kickin´ass! …. We will !!

BÜRNER previously premiered the lyric video of the single “Kill You Till You’re Dead”.

Watch “Kill You Till You’re Dead” below.

“Baptized in Gasoline” tracklist:

01. Hey Hey
02. Hammerdown
03. Kill You Til You’re Dead
04. Run Like Hell
05. Gasoline
06. Slaughter
07. The Burner
08. Don’t Fake The Ache
09. Murder
10. Million Reasons To Cry

Extra tracks (only on CD):

11. Rock’n’roll
12. On the Shitlist

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