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British Hardcore Quartet Smiling Assassin Release New Single “Coping”


British Hardcore Quartet Smiling Assassin Release New Single
“Coping” Releases Ahead Of New Album “Plight Of The Millennial”

British hardcore quartet Smiling Assassin have released their latest single “Coping” ahead of the release of their debut album “Plight Of The Millennial”.

Speaking about the single, vocalist George Garnett had this to say:
““Coping” is about some friends. I have a friend who drinks heavily when their mental health takes a dive. Another friend shuts them self away. The more I noticed them doing that, the more i saw other people doing the same. I tried to write it from their perspective in a confession sort of way so other people may feel solidarity in their own situation.”

On the topic of the album, Garnett had this to say:
“With this album we’re trying to put a breath of fresh air into the modern punk scene and shed light on the real issues and difficulties our generation face today…”

The Smiling Assassin is a so-called friend who is really an enemy whose main weapons are inconsistency and unpredictability. They use rumour to undermine colleagues and adopt a passive-aggressive, indirect, dishonest style of dealing with people and issues. Basically, this is a friend who stabs you in the back.

‘Plight of The Millennial’ is set for release on May 31st.

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