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BOBBY GUSTAFSON opens up about exit from VIO-LENCE


Guitarist Bobby Gustafson has opened up about his fall 2022 exit from San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal veterans VIO-LENCE. The 57-year-old musician, who is based in Florida, told the Metal Mayhem ROC” podcast: “Yeah, the cross-country commute was hard. And with the economy, the way it was, everything started to get more expensive. I mean, the flights had doubled since I first started going out there in 2020.

And to go back and forth, it was a strain on me, but it was a strain on the band as well, to try and keep themselves going. You can’t be selfish and be the only one they’re wasting money on like that. But they originally wanted somebody with a name to be in their band, and they asked me to do it, and I was, like, ‘Yeah. This’ll be great.’ So it just got to be where it’s so expensive, and it’s affecting every band, basically. Between diesel for the bus, hotel rooms, flying to Europe. I’m hearing now that they’re taking a lot in Europe — they’re taking money from your t-shirts.; they are taxing those bands that leave Europe to try and come here to play. 

Everyone’s got their hands in your pockets. It’s so hard to make anything… It’s not cost effective anymore. It’s, like, are you doing it (just to be) doing it, or are you doing it to make a living? ‘Cause you still have bills to pay at home, so you’ve gotta make something. And, yeah, the worst part of it is really the gas and those buses, and everything over there is diesel, and that just went through the roof.

“So, it is what it is,” Gustafson added. “There’s no hard feelings or nothing. And it’s just… move on.”

A former member of OVERKILLGustafson joined VIO-LENCE in January 2020 as the replacement for Ray Vegas.

When Gustafson‘s departure from VIO-LENCE was first announced last October, the band cited “logistical difficulties that weigh too heavy to function in a productive manner” as the reason for the split.

VIO-LENCE‘s current touring lineup consists of vocalist Sean Killian, drummer Adrian Aguilar (EXMORTUS),guitarist Miles Dimitri Baker (VOIDBRINGERINTERLOPER, ex-RINGS OF SATURN), bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and guitarist Ira Black (VICIOUS RUMORSHEATHENMETAL CHURCH).

VIO-LENCE played its first show with Aguilar late last month at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. Aguilar joined VIO-LENCE following the departure of Perry Strickland.

VIO-LENCE‘s founding guitarist Phil Demmel is sitting out the group’s shows in Asia, Australia and New Zealand this month and is being replaced by Baker.

Notably, VIO-LENCE‘s shows in Asia, Australia and New Zealand feature only Killian from the lineup that played its first comeback gig in April 2019 at the Oakland Metro in Oakland, California. The VIO-LENCE lineup that appeared at the Metro consisted of KillianDemmelStrickland, bassist Deen Dell and Vegas.

Strickland announced his departure from VIO-LENCE last month by sharing a video of him performing with the band and captioning it: “I’ll Miss playing these songs !” After one fan asked Perry in the comments to clarify whether he has in fact exited the group, Strickland responded: “yes about a month ago”.

Among the people reacting to Strickland‘s announcement was Gustafson, who wrote: “Good luck with what ever you do in the future. We had some good times finally.”

“Let The World Burn” was recorded with Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios (TESTAMENTMACHINE HEADEXODUS), with mixing handled by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTEDMESHUGGAH) and Grammy Award-winning engineer Ted Jensen (ALICE IN CHAINSDEFTONESPANTERA).

“Let The World Burn” track listing

01. Flesh From Bone
02. Screaming Always
03. Upon Their Cross
04. Gato Negro
05. Let the World Burn

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