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Blended Brew released the offcial video for 'Shove It Down'


Blended Brew released the official video for their second single from ‘Shove It Down’, the upcoming album to be released in May through Mighty Music.

“We wrote this song with inspiration from the series of BBC Ancient Aliens, since all this seems totally crazy we thought we would write a song about it!”, Lord Sebastian Groset, keyboardist, says.

Keyboardist Lord Sebastian Groset comments “The heavy groove in “Shove It Down” is inspired by one of our favorite bands, AC/DC. The simplicity in one guitar, a steady drum beat, and a rocking vocal is all it takes for a great rock song. We found out that the more simple we made the song the better it got“. And continues: “I feel we took the best from AC/DC and mixed it with Rival Sons and then we just did it all by our way to get that Blended Brew feeling and sound!”.

Never a band to rely only on music, Blended Brew put a special effort in “Shove It Down” lyrics as well. The result is a song as deep and revolutionary as the group’s main influences. Vocalist Jimmy Månsson explains. “The lyrics is about people being blindfolded by today’s society and leaders. We humans don’t question ourselves enough about what is right or wrong, instead we just follow along as it’s the most normal thing to do. (Which sadly it is)“.

Drummer Chris Beck continues. “It was probably the most difficult song for us to record. We really wanted that heavy groove, but at the same time laid back. And when you do live recordings as a band many things have to be done right before its actually there”.

Jimmy Månsson: Vocal & Guitar
Lord Sebastian Groset: Piano, Organ & Blues Harp
Christoffer Beck: Drums
Lasse H. Mortensen: Bass

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