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BLACK SABBATH reissues super deluxe remastered edition of 1972 album BLACK SABBATH VOL 4

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Black Sabbath are to make 20 previously unreleased recordings available on their forthcoming Vol 4: Super Deluxe Edition, set for release on February 12. The expanded 4CD/5LP set will feature a newly remastered version of the original album along with 20 unreleased studio and live recordings. 

Both versions of the album come with extensive booklets featuring liner notes with quotes from the era from Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, rare photos, and a poster with previously unpublished early artwork of the album using the working title Snowblind. Both the 4CD and 5LP versions are available for pre-order now.  

Pre orders are available AT THIS LOCATION.

Recording Vol.4 in LA, Sabbath did so much cocaine that it was delivered to them in soap powder boxes. They eulogised their new favourite drug on Snowblind, which was mooted as the album title at one point.

The collection concludes with a collection of live performances that re-create a typical setlist from Black Sabbath’s tour for Vol 4, recorded in March 1973 at various stops along the band’s UK tour. The recordings were originally slated for a live album that was ultimately shelved. Although some of these performances have been previously available, the release marks the first time that a full 1973 live Sabbath show has been recreated. 

Vol 4: Super Deluxe Edition Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album Remastered

1. Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener
2. Tomorrow’s Dream
3. Changes
4. FX
5. Supernaut
6. Snowblind
7. Cornucopia
8. Laguna Sunrise
9. St. Vitus Dance
10. Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes

Disc Two: Outtakes – New Mixes

1. Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener *
2. Changes *
3. Supernaut *
4. Snowblind *
5. Laguna Sunrise *
6. Under The Sun (Instrumental) *

Disc Three: Alternative Takes, False Starts & Studio Dialogue

1. Wheels Of Confusion (False Start with Studio Dialogue) *
2. Wheels Of Confusion (Alternative Take 1) *
3. Wheels Of Confusion (Alternative Take 2) *
4. Wheels Of Confusion (Alternative Take 3) *
5. Wheels Of Confusion (Alternative Take 4) *
6. The Straightener (Outtake) *
7. Supernaut (Outtake) *
8. Supernaut (Alternative Takes with False Starts) *
9. Snowblind (Alternative Take 1 – Incomplete) *
10. Under The Sun (False Start with Studio Dialogue) *
11. Under The Sun (Alternative Take with Guide Vocal) *

Disc Four: Live In The UK 1973

1. Tomorrow’s Dream *
2. Sweet Leaf *
3. War Pigs
4. Snowblind *
5. Killing Yourself To Live
6. Cornucopia
7. Wicked World” (Includes excerpts of: Guitar Solo, Orchid, Into The Void, Sometimes I’m Happy
8. Supernaut / Drum Solo
9. Wicked World (Reprise)
10. Embryo
11. Children Of The Grave
12. Paranoid

* previously unreleased

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