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BERZERKER LEGION unveil new single 'World in Despair' from upcoming album


BERZERKER LEGION unveil new single ‘World in Despair ‘ from upcoming album

Berzerker Legion have released a new track for their song ‘World in Despair’. Their new album “Obliterate the Weak” will be released 31 January 2020 .

Listen to Berzerker Legion ‘ new song ‘World in Despair’ HERE

Jonny Pettersson comments “The concept for the song is a reflection on how no matter how much the human race evolves, and how far we have come, there will always and has always been religion there to try and bring us back to the dark ages. And they do so by using fear and terror, and wanting to build a world in despair.”

BERZERKER LEGION was founded in 2016 by guitarists Tomas Elofsson (Hypocrisy) and Alwin Zuur (Asphyx) with a vision to create death metal of the most belligerent quality, they recruited a line-up of solid well-known musicians consisting of James Stewart (Vader) on drums, Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath) on vocals and Fredrik Isaksson (Dark Funeral) on bass to complete the Legion.

To pre-order the album in various physical formats visit the Listenable e-shop:

– Limited edition O card Cd with 1 Exclusive Bonus Track!
– Limited Edition Gold vinyl of 200 copies worldwide !
– limited Edition Transparent Red Vinyl of 300 copies Worldwide

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