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BERZERKER LEGION Detail New Album 'Obliterate The Weak'


BERZERKER LEGION Detail New Album ‘Obliterate The Weak’ reveal cover art

BERZERKER LEGION have announced the details of their first album ‘Obliterate the Weak’ which will be released 31 January 2020 .

Vocalist Jonny Pettersson explains the lyrical theme of ‘Obliterate the Weak’:
« The lyrical concept is based around how religion is poisoning the world, and even after so many years of evolution, development , we still have huge parts of the world that believes in a fairytale, people who believe that this fairytale is worth going to war over, worth killing for and uses as an excuse for truly malevolent acts. These are weak minded sheep that will do anything in the name of whatever god they believe in. Obliterate the weak draws from the will to eradicate all forms of religion and tells a story of atrocities made in the name of a fiction. »

You can see the cover art below.

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