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Belgian blackened death metallers SAILLE signs with Black Lion Records


Belgian blackened death metallers SAILLE, with an international crew, have signed with Black Lion Records. Their previous effort was released by Code666 Records. The new album is dubbed ‘MMXX’.

Black Lion Records:
It was clear that SAILLE were hard working and dedicated to their craft and with a strong foot in the European festival scene and new album at the door step it felt like a perfect opportunity to form a new bond with SAILLE and we look forward to releasing their new album worldwide in 2021“.

Reinier Schenk comments: “We’re glad to announce SAILLE is signing with Black Lion Records. We’ve been waiting long enough now, due to the current situation, but it’s time to move on and release what we’ve been working on. It will be a relief to finally present our frontman Jesse and get to work with the entire band again, making videos and promo for the fifth album. It’s a pleasure to be acknowledged and accepted by Black Lion and we see things the same way. Looking forward to next year. We can only hope SAILLE can climb the stages again as well!

Jesse Peetoom (NL): Vocals
Reinier Schenk (ES): Guitars
Juanjo Pérez (ES): Guitars
Kristof Van Iseghem (BE): Bass
Tony Van den Eynde (BE: Drums

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