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Dutch extreme metal outfit AUTARKH are now releasing the first track, ‘Turbulence’ from the upcoming debut ‘Form in Motion’.  ‘Turbulence’ is available via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel.

Watch ‘Turbulence’ below

Founder Michel Nienhuis comments:

‘Turbulence’ is a song about an ongoing realization and understanding of internal conflict. Change is necessary and inevitable but seems unattainable and out of range. ‘Turbulence’ is the first full blown song of the album and is quite representative of the AUTARKH sound – up-tempo blasts versus downtempo grooves, locking harmonies versus chaotic dissonance and ethereal layers versus dark growls. This visualizer is the result of a first experiment of our producer and sound designer Joris Bonis with his analog oscilloscopes from the 1970’s, that generate images based on audio. We invite you to join in on this new chapter of our musical evolution.


  1. Primitive Constructs
  2. Turbulence
  3. Cyclic Terror
  4. Impasse
  5. Introspectrum
  6. Lost To Sight
  7. Metacognition
  8. Clouded Aura
  9. Alignment
  10. Zeit ist nur eine Illusion

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