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AINUR started the crowdfunding for the new album


AINUR started the crowdfunding for the new album

Ainur are back after 7 years from their latest album. The big goal of the Progressive Rock Orchestra from Turin (Italy) is called WARS OF BELERIAND: they will turn into Music all the most important Wars of Beleriand starting from the “WAR OF THE JEWELS”.

The album is dedicated to Fëanor, to the creation of the Silmarils and to the Wars originated by all that. “WAR OF THE JEWELS” is only the first step of a bigger project.

Watch the announcement AT THIS LOCATION.

WAR OF THE JEWELS will be produced and distributed by Ainur’s new label Rockshots Records, and will be a little bit different from the previous albums: Rockshots Records is a heavier label and the topic of the album is darker. For that reasons the new record will be harder and more combative.

Find the crowfunding page AT THIS LOCATION.

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