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Aeolian release second single "We Humans" off new album The Negationist


AUTUMNBLAZE share video for Flamedoves from upcoming album “Welkin Shores Burning”

Melodic Death Metal group Aeolian are set to release their new album on November 20th on Black Lion Records. The band is now presenting their new track “We Humans”.

Watch “We Humans” below

The Band Comments:
“We Humans… an unstoppable force, the two sides of a same coin, either an endless source of inspiration, or just a well-oiled machinery determined on devouring and wasting the precious resources of our planet. We have been destroying for centuries, in every corner of the earth, in every portion of the sky and oceans for generations. It is time for a change, we will have to evolve and be smart. If we really want to survive and leave a worthy legacy for future humanity… We humans must change”.

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