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WORMWOOD release new video for "The Archive"


WORMWOOD presents “The Archive”, a new cinematic music video that follows the desperation after an unprecendented catastrophe in 2023. The video was filmed in Norrtälje Municipality and Stockholm, Sweden. The song is taken from their new album “Arkivet”, which will be out on Black Lodge Records on CD, vinyl and digital, July 16th, 2021.

Watch “The Archive” below.

The plot in the music video is based on the book “The Archive” by the Swedish author Mikael Strömberg. A book which comes in a 32 page 12” booklet with the first edition of the vinyl versions of Wormwood’s upcoming album “Arkivet”. The book depicts what happens in the music video and what happens afterwards.

The album title, “Arkivet” (“The Archive”), is a document you write for your close ones after your passing where you describe all your funeral arrangements, where important documents are located, last wishes, etc. Wormwood uses this as a metaphor for the whole world. The last words to an already dead planet.

“Arkivet” will be released on CD, vinyl and digital, July 16th, 2021.

The album is available for pre-order AT THIS LOCATION.


1. The Archive
2. Overgrowth
3. End of Message
4. My Northern Heart
5. Ensamheten
6. The Slow Drown
7. The Gentle Touch of Humanity

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