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HANSI KÜRSCH: "why no members of BLIND GUARDIAN have tattoos"


In a new interview with Brazil’s Heavy TalkBLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch was asked why he and his bandmates seemingly don’t have any tattoos. He responded: “We’re in no way typical. I mean, what we’re doing we’re doing with passion, and tattoos never appealed to any one of us. We’re not against tattoos, but it won’t suit me. I have very thin arms, for example, so the tattoo would fall off, so there’s no need for it. And the other guys, they always thought the same way. But again, it’s also a question of region where you come from. I don’t identify myself with tattoos. I see a lot of people wearing tattoos, and I’m just, like, ‘Okay, it’s a fashion.’ That’s not what tattoos are supposed to be. And this is why I’m not keen on getting a tattoo because it’s not my ideology, it’s not my way of thinking.”

BLIND GUARDIAN‘s latest album, “The God Machine”, was released last September via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork for the CD was designed by Peter Mohrbacher.

Watch the latest released video for ‘Architects Of Doom’ below.

Singer Hansi Kürsch states:
“Happy Release Day!
Finally, finally, the day has come. Good things come to those who wait… I can not imagine ever longing that intensely for a release date. You are hopefully already holding that masterpiece in your hands, assuring yourself that we didn’t exaggerate with all our praisbeforehand. No fillers, just killers! The God Machine is a wholesome BLIND GUARDIAN album that will sweeten your coming months, even years. It’s served, bon appétit!
 The God Machine features classic speed metal anthems, epic bangers and ‘Architects Of Doom’! This song is an epic wrecking ball at its finest. In my opinion, this is the best and most outstanding track of the whole record. Reinvention or a return to ancient virtues, that’s the question.”

Watch the previously released ‘Violent Shadows’ below.

Als watch the previously released “Secrets Of The American Gods” and “Deliver us From Evil” below.

The God Machine marks another pinnacle in BLIND GUARDIAN’s impressive discography by not attempting to pretend it is still the nineties yet instead successfully relying on the muscle memory of this period. It is a gripping, addictive and brilliantly arranged album in the tradition of records with which BLIND GUARDIAN reached for the stars in the 90’s; yet, by no means, is it a throwback. The God Machine represents the heart and soul of BLIND GUARDIAN’s timeless metal in the here and now, unifying the bards’ past, present and future secrets in one consistent, well thought out masterpiece.

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