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WARMEN announce new album "Here For None"

Pictures by Marek Sabogal


WARMEN are back. The new album by the Finnish powerhouse WARMEN around Janne Wirman (CHILDREN OF BODOM) ‘HERE FOR NONE’ will be released worldwide by REAPER ENTERTAINMENT on August 18th 2023 – including some surprises.

Janne states:
Whether you know of Warmen or are new to our music, you are in for a treat! We have put a lot of thought and energy into this release and the new album really represents what we are musically. A lot of melodic stuff and crazy soloing with brutal riffing and drumming!

HERE FOR NONE heralds a new era – true to the motto “The king is dead, long live the king”, WARMEN are not only musically departing to new, heavier shores – due to the new line-up it can now be said with justification that WARMEN are taking on the musical legacy of Janne’s former band in a spectacular way.

“I will always be Janne from Bodom. That’s okay with me, I’m happy about it and I don’t have to hide my past. I also see that as a positive thing for WARMEN,” Janne knows about his good reputation and the attention he gets in the scene. Together with his brother Antti Wirman and longtime friend Jyri Helko they managed to recruit Seppo Tarvainen on drums and no other than Petri Lindroos (ENSIFERUM) on vocals to make HERE FOR NONE a true masterpiece of Melodic Death Metal!

The band will also present this legacy live at selected events, such as the release show at the Summer Breeze Open Air. Until then, the brutally varied, yet extremely coherent HERE FOR NONE is the new reference work in terms of melodic heaviness from Finland

1 Warmen Are Here For None
2 The Driving Force
3 A World Of Pain
4 Too Much, Too Late
5 Night Terrors
6 Hell On Four Wheels
7 The End Of The Line
8 Death’s On Its Way
9 The Cold Unknown
10 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Janne Wirman – Keyboards
Petri Lindroos – Vocals
Antti Wirman – Guitars
Jyri Helko – Bass
Seppo Tarvainen – Drums

Artwork by Aleh Zielankievic