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Wardruna released single and video ‘Lyfjaberg'


Wardruna released single and video ‘Lyfjaberg

Nordic/dark folk/ambient band Wardruna released their new single-video ‘Lyfjaberg; a non-album track to fill up the gap until the release of the new studio album ‘Kvitravn’ in January 2021.

‘Lyfjaberg’ was mainly filmed in the mountains at Tustna in Norway. The band shot the video in early May of this year, when all of a sudden winter decided to return with full strength and they ended up wading in half a meter snow for three days and nights. On many levels, the process of making of this video reflected the meaning of the song itself. They all had to climb a few of their inner mountains to get it done. It’s an amazing piece of art and also showcases the beauty of Norway’s nature.

Find the links to the album AT THIS LOCATION.

Watch the official video below.

Frontman Einar Selvik comments:
“When circumstances forced us to postpone the release of our upcoming album ‘Kvitravn’ until January 2021, it was clear to us that we still wanted to release new music. Music and art can potentially carry great meaning in times of uncertainty. We decided that now was not the time to stay silent and headed straight back into creative mode and the studio to write and record the song ‘Lyfjaberg’.”

The Old Norse word Lyfjaberg means Healing-hill or Healing-mountain and is known from Norse mythology and the Eddic poem Fjölsvinnsmál as a place of comfort and cure for the «sick and sore» who manage to climb the mountain and bear offerings at the shrines there – a gift demands a gift in return.

The song expresses that climbing a tough mountain, both in reality and metaphorically, is a mental as well as a physical effort. I have tried to write this journey up the mountain as one for the mind and spirit as much as the feet and body. Anything of true value, comes at a true cost.

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