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Tracktion Launch Beta Maxed and Arachnid Sound Packs


Tracktion Launch Beta Maxed and Arachnid Sound Packs

Tracktion Software launch new expansion sound packs; the 80’s inspired Beta Maxed and EDM influenced Arachnid to help you get more creative. Both have a wide selection of sounds and samples created by top designers for cutting edge music making and are perfect for modern music producers looking to extend their sound palette and evolve their studio setup.

Beta Maxed is inspired by the iconic vintage hues of the late eighties. It is full of the lush pads, classic drums and heavy synth riffs that gave birth to synthpop, new romantic, new wave and other questionable fashion moments! The expansion pack will have users taking their sound to the max and slam dancing their way into future-retro synth pop. Included in the expansion pack are one hundred phat sounds and two hundred and fifty new samples. Beta Maxed, compatible with Collective software, Waveform Free and Waveform Pro.

Biotek 2 enriches its remarkable EDM sound spectrum capabilities with the Arachnid EDM expansion pack. The combination of this electronic creeper and the depth of Biotek 2’s sound engine, means a single patch can become as complex as an entire synthesizer, connecting literally hundreds of parameters. It provides everything for electronic dance music, dark menacing techno, silky-smooth timeless house, full rich textures, atmospheric pads, resounding drums and deep basses. This voltaic sound pack contains fifty new instruments to electrify any user’s processing arsenal.

Beta Maxed and Arachnid EDM expansion packs are the first two in a plan that sees Tracktion  release a new expansion pack a month.

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