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Trace Elliot launches powerful small Trace ELF Combos bass amp


(MERIDIAN, MS) American amplifier manufacturer Trace Elliot launches their new powerful small Trace ELF Combos bass amp. With the launch, Trace Elliot is taking the finest speaker components and deliver on big tone, all in an ultralight, ultraportable package that players can carry in one hand.

Trace Elliot:
“The ELF 1×8 Combo measures 12.0” x 10.2” x 13.3” and weighs only 17 pounds, while the slightly stockier ELF 1×10 Combo measures 13.3” x 12.0” x 14.0” and weighs just 18 pounds. Both units are purpose-built to amplify the player’s skill and the tone of their instrument, while being expandable and flexible to meet the needs of the setting. For instance, when it’s time for a big gig, take an ELF Combo and simply use the ultra-quiet Trace DI to easily send the optimized tone to the house. The Trace DI is ideal for recording applications as well.

The magic of the ELF Combo is in the built-in Trace Elliot ELF ultra-compact bass amplifier. Weighing just 1.6 pounds and able to fit inside a back pocket, the ELF is the most portable, gig-worthy amp the industry has ever seen. Upon its release, users were impressed with the ELF’s solid, fan-cooled 200 W RMS at 4 ohm impedance. The panel offers plenty of options, including a wide-range input gain control with signal-level indicator and 3-band rotary equalizer that emulates the response of classic Trace Elliot multi-band graphic EQ filters. Ultra-high preamp input impedance, at more than 10 mega ohms, provides maximum sensitivity when using passive pickups, while the post EQ balanced XLR DI output with ground lift sends classic Trace Elliot tone to a mixing console or recording device. A 1/4″ headphone output allows for quiet practice“.

To learn more about the ELF product line, visit www.TraceElliot.com.

Retail:  1×10 $599.99

             1×8   $579.99

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