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THE DARKNESS singer 'fucked up' a hamstring doing A 'DAVID LEE ROTH-Style' jump


THE DARKNESS frontman Justin Hawkins has revealed that he “fucked up the hamstring” in his left leg doing a “David Lee Roth-style” jump at a recent concert.

The 47-year-old British-born singer, who presently resides in Switzerland, spoke about his stage mishap in an interview with Classic Rock magazine. He said: “Me and my brother (THE DARKNESS guitarist Dan Hawkins) try to run, even when we’re on tour. But I haven’t been able to do anything for a while because I did a David Lee Roth-style split jump and fucked up the hamstring in my left leg. It was a great jump, with my legs over my head, but when I landed, I went: ‘Uh-oh.'”

Hawkins continued: “Then we were just on tour in Australia (in October 2022), and I jumped on the balcony. It didn’t have the sort of lip I’m used to, so I ended up falling in a bit sideways and broke a rib. So, at the moment I’m limping, and I find it difficult to breathe. But apart from that, I’m in tremendous shape.”

THE DARKNESS‘s latest album, “Motorheart”, came out in November 2021 via Cooking Vinyl.

Justin previously called “Motorheart” a good-time rock ‘n’ roll” LP without any blatant sociopolitical commentary.

“I didn’t want ‘Motorheart’ to be another ‘Easter Is Canceled’, our 2019 album where we’re sort of talking about the state of the world,” Hawkins told Billboard. “After having had a year and a half of torment and uncertainty and suffering with the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought our fans deserved to hear us having a good time again, like we did on our first record.”

THE DARKNESS‘s debut album, 2003’s “Permission To Land”, included the hit single “I Believe IN A Thing Called Love”, which reached No. 9 on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart.

Hawkins performed a couple of VAN HALEN classics with Wolfgang Van Halen at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts in September. The two shows — in London and in Los Angeles — honored the FOO FIGHTERS drummer who passed away in March 2022.

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