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SOULS OF DIOTIMA release single & video ‘The Dark Lady’


SOULS OF DIOTIMA‘s 4th studio album “Janas” is out now on Rockshot Records. The Italian female fronted metal band celebrate its release with a video for the song The Dark Lady’.

Watch The Dark Lady’ below.

Commenting on the new single the founder member, lyricist and drummer Giorgio Pinna says:
Perhaps this is the most catchy and ‘commercial’ track on the album. It’s a very simple and catchy song, and we think it’s excellent. It’s powerful and you will easily fix the lyrics in your mind. The story is about a very controversial character from our land, who actually existed around 50 years ago. Her name is ‘Accabadora’. She was a fairly old woman, dressed entirely in black with her face almost completely covered, so often only her eyes could be seen. Her mission was to alleviate the suffering of those on the verge of death, putting an end to their life using a wooden stick which she was always taking with her. This woman was called by the family of the sick person to put an end to their suffering”.

“Janas” is available now via Diotima Records/Rockshots Recordshttps://bit.ly/JanasCD (physical); https://backl.ink/143387047 (digital).

Watch the previously released official lyric videos for ‘The Black Mask’ and ‘Janas’ below. 

“Janas” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios in Mölndal (Sweden).

The album “Janas” is a concept, the second chapter of a journey that began with the previous album, “The Sorceress Reveals – Atlantis”“Janas” tells the stories and legends of band’s land, Sardinia. Their island is full of wonderful mythological tales and characters, of esoteric stories that are often macabre, but which portray a truly fascinating historical and cultural journey.

We have a shared interest in the history and culture of the peoples of the sea, of the Mediterranean, and we are one of them. Much of Western history is rooted in the tales of the peoples of the sea, skilled conquerors who crossed the seas to conquer new lands or to defend their own. But there is more. Within Sardinia there are places that often remain undiscovered. Far from the more accessible touristic locations, these places are steeped in stories both true and fictitious, which we were often told during our childhood, and which probably formed the basis of our personality and the way we see the world. In brief, ‘Janas’ talks about these stories, about us, and about the Earth we have been walking on since we were born”, enthuses Pinna.

“Janas” track list:
1. The Black Mask
2. Sleep Demon
3. The Princess of Navarra
4. Janas
5. The Dark Lady
6. Ichnos Superhero
7. My Roots
8. Maty
9. Mediterranean Lane
10. Sherden

Claudia Barsi – Lead Vocals
Giorgio Pinna – Drums
Antonio Doro – Bass, Scream Vocals
Fabio “The Black Mask” Puddu – Guitars

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