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WITHIN TEMPTATION's SHARON DEN ADEL praises IRON MAIDEN: 'they never fell out of love with music'


In a new interview with “The Mistress Carrie Podcast”WITHIN TEMPTATION singer Sharon Den Adel spoke about her admiration for IRON MAIDEN whom her band is currently supporting on the fall 2022 North American leg of the “Legacy Of The Beast” tour. She said: “That’s what I appreciate about IRON MAIDEN. Every night when we are playing, Steve Harris (IRON MAIDEN bassist and founder) is actually standing on our stage watching our show, behind our gear… And he’s enjoying himself. And every night when we come off stage, he’s at the side of the ramp giving hi-fives and stuff. He’s really nice, and the rest of the band as well, and crew. But it’s really fun to see someone still like a 16-year-old enjoying every show we play — almost every night the same kind of songs, more or less; because we only have 45 minutes, we wanna give the best we have. And he’s still every night there. And I think that’s what music is about.

IRON MAIDEN never changed,” Sharon continued. “They never fell out of love with music, which I think, when you’re on the road that much, can easily happen to a lot of bands, and does happen to a lot of bands, I guess.”

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