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Former METALLICA Bassist RON MCGOVNEY Shares New Photo Of Band's Original Business Card


Former METALLICA bassist Ron McGovney has shared a photo of the business card he used to promote the band during his time with the influential metal legends.

On Sunday (January 17), McGovney tweeted out the picture featuring the classic METALLICA logo along with the phrase “Power Metal” and what was apparently Ron‘s then-phone number, and he wrote in an accompanying message: “Original METALLICA business card. The phone number was the one I had in my bedroom in 1979. I moved to our rental house two doors down in 1981 and took the number with me. That house was where METALLICA started. I lived in a condo 1983-1987 and had that same number.”

A couple of decades ago, McGovney told Shockwaves that he made the original METALLICA business card “to send to the club promoters along with our demo. The card was supposed to just have the METALLICA logo and a contact number,” he explained. “But I thought it looked too plain and decided it should say something under the logo. I didn’t want to put ‘hard rock’ or ‘heavy metal,’ so I coined the term power metal. I thought it had a nice ring to it. No band had used that term before as far as I knew. I remember bringing the business cards to the band, and Lars (UlrichMETALLICA drummer) got so pissed off at me. He said, ‘What did you do? What the hell is power metal? I can’t believe you did such a stupid thing. We can’t use these cards with the words power metal on it.'”

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