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ROB HALFORD is working on blues solo album


Rob Halford says that he is “stoked” about the possibility of working on his debut blues solo album. The JUDAS PRIEST singer is collaborating with the same team that assisted him during the making of his 2019 Christmas LP “Celestial”, including his brother Nigel and his nephew Alex (son of PRIEST bassist Ian Hill).

Speaking to Joe Rock of Long Island, New York’s 102.3 WBAB radio stationHalford said about his upcoming blues record: “I love the blues. Without the blues, we wouldn’t have rock and roll. The blues was born here in the United States and then slowly mutated into all these incredible styles and different dynamics and variations. Man, I think back to those originators, like Little RichardBill Haley, the anchor of the blues like Howlin’ WolfMuddy WatersBessie Smith, all these great people. So I was listening to those great performers as I was growing up as a kid. I love the blues, man. And I think most metal musicians would acknowledge the blues for playing such an important role.”

Halford continued: “So, here’s the deal. I made a Christmas album with my brother and my nephew and some friends recently called ‘Celestial’, and while we were there, I was saying to the guys, ‘I’ve got this thing about knocking around some blues ideas.’ And that’s all the guys needed. So they went away while I’ve been busy with PRIEST and we put together a substantial amount of material. And when I find time, we’re gonna bang it out. I’d love us to play in a room live together, ’cause they’re really talented. My brother is a drummer. My nephew is a bass player; he’s the son of the great bass god, Ian Hill [of JUDAS PRIEST]. And then we’ve got J.B. [Jon Blakey] on guitar, who was with us on ‘Celestial’. So we’re gonna keep it simple. But I’m excited. I’ve got all the stuff on my phone, like we do — that’s a danger — and I listen to it, and I get stoked about the possibility. So it’ll happen eventually, I’m sure.”

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