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Andorran prog metallers PERSEFONE release single “Architecture of the I”

New Album, metanoia, out this Friday, February 4

Photo Credit: Èric Rossell


Extreme progressive metal maestros PERSEFONE have returned with the next single from their upcoming album, Metanoia, entering the last round before its release this Friday. The third single, “Architecture of the I” is accompanied by a visualiser. 

Watch “Architecture of the I” below.

PERSEFONE on “Architecture of the I”:
‘Architecture of the I’ represents one of the most progressive songs on metanoia. On this track, we really let the song come alive as we were writing, and because of that, the listener will find in there a huge dynamic range from one of the most fast and heavy riffs in the whole album, to some of the most introspective passages.

This song has been a challenge for us to write and perform, and we are sure that it will also present a challenge for the listener to keep track with its particular pace and structure. Now it’s up to you to find the purpose of all those notes within the album.

The stunning video was created by our guitar player Filipe and his partner K (DeadFlag Studios and Gráfica de Ferro).”

Watch the previously released Merkabah below.

The album is featuring collaborations with artists like Steffen Kummerer (ObscuraThulcandra), Einar Solberg (Leprous), Angel Vivaldi and Merethe Soltvedt (Two Steps From Hell). It was mixed by David Castillo (LeprousSoenOpeth) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (EnslavedIhsahnSepultura) and features 10 songs.

PERSEFONE about the new album: “metanoia is the next step in our personal pursuit for existential growth through music. This album is a call for a deep change, a call for an inner journey through fear and pain, a call for a leap into a meaningful and rooted place. Making this album has forced us to face many  musical and personal hurdles and fears, and the result of that confrontation lives within all the notes and words captured on this new chapter in our journey.  May you will find meaning in all this musical chaos.”

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metanoia will be available in the following formats:
– Digipack
– 2LP Gatefold BLACK
– 2LP Gatefold CLEAR (incl. Slipmat & Logopatch)
– 2LP Gatefold Marbled White & Black
– Digipack & Shirt Bundle
– Digital Full Length Album

Marc Martins – vocals
Miguel “Moe” Espinosa – keyboards and vocals
Carlos Lozano – guitar
Filipe Baldaia – guitar
Toni Mestre – bass
Sergi “ Bobby” Verdeguer – drums

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