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Online Music Exams Solves COVID-19 Music Exam Crisis


Online Music Exams Solves COVID-19 Music Exam Crisis

The exceptional, rapid, all-encompassing spread of COVID-19 has caused major disruption to everyone, everywhere, not least to people’s mental wellbeing and education. One of the many fatalities of COVID-19 has been the disruption to centre-based examinations.

The British based OnlineMusicExams (OME) has developed a unique and revolutionary way to solve the difficulties of taking exams in the current situation; one which will remain relevant long after COVID-19 has been conquered, ensuring the survival of end point assessment for the future.

The OME adaptable examination platform, is the first online system in the world to be accredited to level 3 diploma (grade 8) for music. Using advanced technology, it takes control of the examination using a fully-automated platform which enables students to play live performance pieces and take ALL elements of their practical music exams including sight-reading, aural pieces, randomised technical elements and theory questions. Launching initially with rock guitar, singing, piano and music theory exams, all are accredited by The Learning Machine, the Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual and QiW

OME offers a real opportunity to take accredited music exams online, retaining all the traditional components, in real time, anytime, anywhere, with a live automated examiner and then reviewed by a real DBS cleared examiner. These fully interactive exams are more affordable compared to traditional ones plus, they introduce a new tiered system for the Rock Guitar exams which enables students to reduce the number of music exams to three and still attain the same qualifications.

Results are returned to students as early as twenty-four hours after taking an exam, with comprehensive feedback. There is no longer the need to wait weeks for examination results and examiners comments. Dependent on results, retakes can be booked almost immediately, students do not have to wait for the next sessions of local exams so progress more quickly and do not lose heart. 

This new exam system makes social distancing easy to maintain, is environmentally friendly as there is no need to travel and reduces stage fright, nerves, anxiety and levels of stress since exams are taken in the comfort of a known place. 

OME founder and CEO Cliffy Cooper (pictured below) commenting on the launch said ‘our online platform for practical examinations is highly flexible. It can be used by many other industries, such as hairdressing, languages, even academic GCSEs as well as music. We aim to partner with other course providers who, like OME, want to improve accessibility and affordability of education across the world.’

Cliffy Cooper

To see an introductory video trailer on OME below and to find out more, go to onlinemusicexams.org