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New THUNDERMOTHER line-up announces 2023 tour dates

Photo credit: Mats Vassfjord


Swedish rock group THUNDERMOTHER released the first official promotional photo of the new line-up. THUNDERMOTHER currently consists of guitarist Filippa Nässil, singer Linnéa Vikström (THERIONAT THE MOVIES), bassist Majsan Lindberg and drummer Joan Massing (HONEY CREEK). The band now also reveal its first tour dates.

Less than two months ago, it was announced that singer Guernica Mancini, drummer Emlee Johansson and bassist Mona Lindgren were exiting THUNDERMOTHER and were forming a new band together. At the same time, Nässil revealed that she would continue with a new THUNDERMOTHER lineup featuring Vikström and Lindberg.

In recent weeks, Mancini, who joined THUNDERMOTHER in 2017, gave several interviews in which she described her time with the group as “six tough years” and “a very bumpy ride”. She also said that Filippa decided to fire her from the band without consulting the other members of THUNDERMOTHER, a move which they perceived as “very disrespectful towards them, being that they believed that we were a democracy and that we had a say in these things,” according to Guernica.

Earlier this month, Nässil shared a six-minute video in which she addressed some of the questions surrounding the departures of ManciniJohansson and Lindgren as well as her decision to carry on with a new lineup. She said in part: “Some stuff you read online and even now in some magazines is true and some stuff has more to it,” she explained. “I mean, there’s a depth to what happened and it’s impossible to read in a few lines or a quote from someone. And I wanna assure you and tell you guys that I did my absolute best to work everything out between the old members. I think we should be conscious in what we’re saying and trust that I have done my absolute best for peace, love and rock and roll and I did everything in my power to work it out with the previous bandmembers.

“I would never throw anybody under the bridge. I think that’s another private matter. What happened has been behind the curtain, so to speak, so it’s not everything that people need to know about or should know about because it’s just unnecessary to throw stuff at each other, I think.”

“I’m thrilled to have Majsan back, who’s done hundreds of shows with me in THUNDERMOTHER. She’s the THUNDERMOTHER bass player. And I’m thrilled to have Linnéa Vikström, my friend since many, many years, on vocals. And we have a great new drummer. She likes great bands like CLUTCHFOO FIGHTERSBLACK CROWES and stuff like that, so a really groovy drummer. And I can’t wait for the future.”

Nässil went on to say that all the previously announced THUNDERMOTHER concerts “will happen. Not a single canceled show. Everyone has faith in THUNDERMOTHER and so should you.

“We are super stoked to tour with the SCORPIONS in Europe again and doing our own shows,” she added. “So that’s something we’re doing right now — rehearsing.”

According to Filippa, she and her new bandmates are “hoping to release a new song before” they hit the road, but she acknowledged that this may be hard to pull off as “it’s crazy hectic right now.”

Earlier this month, ManciniJohansson and Lindgren announced that they have launched a new band called THE GEMSMancini and Lindgren told Germany’s Metal Hammer magazine that THE GEMS, which sees Lindgren returning to her original instrument, the guitar, is planning to release its debut single, “Phoenix”, in April. Mancini and Lindgren also noted that THE GEMS‘ live performances will include material from THUNDERMOTHER‘s last two albums, 2020’s “Heat Wave” and 2022’s “Black And Gold”, both of which featured songwriting contributions from Guernica and Emlee.

Following the release of their latest album, “Black And Gold”, last summer and countless live shows alongside an extensive tour with iconic SCORPIONS in North America last fall, THUNDERMOTHER recently announced plans to team up with SCORPIONS for more European live dates, as well as headline gigs on the “Black And Gold” tour 2023.

“Black And Gold” was recorded at Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm, and was mixed and mastered by Søren Andersen at Medley Studios in Copenhagen.

Upcoming THUNDERMOTHER shows:

April 22 – (SE) Ski & Rock Sälen
May 09 – (FR) Lille Zenith (with SCORPIONS)
May 12 – (FR) Nantes Zenith (with SCORPIONS)
May 13 – (CH) Pratteln Z7 Konsertfabrik
May 14 – (DE) Dortmund Westfalenhalle (with SCORPIONS)
May 16 – (DE) Mannheim SAP Arena (with SCORPIONS)
May 17 – (DE) Nuremberg Hirsch
May 19 – (DE) Hannover ZAG Arena (with SCORPIONS)
May 20 – (DE) Hamburg Fabrik
May 21 – (DE) Stuttgart Schleyerhalle (with SCORPIONS)
May 23 – (DE) Berlin Mercedes Benz Arena (with SCORPIONS)
May 24 – (DE) Leipzig Hellraiser
May 25 – (DE) Obertraubling Airport-Eventhall
May 27 – (DE) Kaiserslautern Kammgarn
May 28 – (FR) Lyon Hall Tony Garnier (with SCORPIONS)
May 31 – (FR) Toulouse Zenith (with SCORPIONS)
June 02 – (IT) Milan Legend Club Milano
May 03 – (AT) Dornbirn Conrad Sohm
May 04 – (CZ) Pilson Metalfest Plzen
May 05 – (DE) Munich Olympiahalle (with SCORPIONS)
May 07 – (CZ) Brno-město Winning Group Arena
May 08 – (AT) Nickelsdorf Novarock Festival
May 10 – (SE) Sölvesborg Sweden Rock Festival
May 12 – (DK) Copenhagen Royal Arena Copenhagen (with SCORPIONS)
May 14 – (SE) Stockholm Avicii Arena (with SCORPIONS)
May 16 – (BE) Dessel Graspop Metal Meeting
May 18 – (FR) Clisson Hellfest
May 21 – (SE) Parksnäckan (with HALESTORM)
July 08 – (DE) Tollrock
May 13 – (ES) Poerto de A Coruña (with SCORPIONS)
May 31 – (SI) Metaldayz
August 04 – (SE) Skogsröjet
August 25 – (DE) Baltic Open Air