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New Porter & Davies announce new Throne Colours


New Porter & Davies announce new Throne Colours

Porter & Davies announce to update their range of thrones with a whole new colour palette. The BC2, BC2rm, Gigster and TT6 Thrones will now be available in black, green, grey and purple velvet finish plus a black vinyl option. The new fabrics are the toughest, most hardwearing yet. All thrones are finished with a P&D logo embroidered in green in the middle of the seat.

The ‘None More Black’ Black Velvet option of the Porter & Davies thrones is just black, simple, uncomplicated and dramatic. The British Racing Green Velvet is a rich, dark colour that lends the thrones a striking appearance. Packing a punch, Battleship Grey Velvet is ready for business. Fantastic, anarchic and fun is the Helmet Purple Velvet, a colour to encourage opening up to new and exciting ideas. Whilst the pitch Black ‘Shiny Shiny’ Vinyl makes an intense and stylish statement. The new thrones are available now. Check them out below.

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