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Musikmesse 2020 pays tribute to Randy Rhoads


Randy Rhoads Remembered’: memorial show for legendary Ozzy guitarist celebrates European premiere at Musikmesse 2020

For the 40th edition of Frankfurt Musikmesse, a special show is comprised to pay tribute to former Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads. He is considered to be one of the most influential guitarists of all time. In 1980, Randy Rhoads played his way into the history books of rock music as the congenial partner of Ozzy Osbourne on the legendary ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ album. 40 years later, at Musikmesse (1 to 4 April 2020), the ‘Randy Rhoads Remembered’ project is set to provide a musical memorial to the American guitarist who died far too young. An all-star group assembled around drummer Brian Tichy breathes new life into the memory – with a unique European show in honour of the joint creative achievements of Rhoads and Osbourne. Performing with them are inimitable greats such as Phil Soussan, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and Christian Brady.

Brian Tichy came up with the original idea and has brought the project to fruition on a range of different stages across the USA as from 2014. As a live drummer with Ozzy Osbourne, Tichy had already played several songs that had been unmistakeably influenced by Randy Rhoads with the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself. He is known on the circuit, above all, as a member of Whitesnake and Foreigner, as well as both a live and studio drummer for greats such as Billy Idol and Slash’s Snakepit.

‘Randy Rhoads Remembered’ is part of the Musikmesse Festival, which will bring some very special concert experiences to the whole of Frankfurt on the evenings of Musikmesse (1 to 4 April 2020), starting on the Tuesday, 31 March.

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