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MOLASSESS release new track "The Devil Lives"


MOLASSESS release new track “The Devil Lives”

Dutch psychedelic rock ‘n roll formation MOLASSESS are now releasing the third and final song from their upcoming record ‘Through the Hollow’. The new track “The Devil Lives” is now streaming at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel, in the form of a streaming video, filmed by S. de Jager.

Watch “The Devil Lives” below.

Watch the previously released track ‘Death Is’ below.

The band comments:
Our brother left us this diamond in the rough years ago. A riddle that kept resonating and found its way up and into our hearts time after time. It is with great pride, eternal love, an everburning fire and gratitude that we finally managed to climb its stairs. This is what we’ve found along the way, beneath its stirring coils. THE DEVIL LIVES


  1. Through the Hollow
  2. Get Out From Under
  3. Formless Hands
  4. Corpse of Mind
  5. The Maze of Stagnant Time
  6. I Am No Longer
  7. Death Is
  8. Tunnel
  9. The Devil Lives


  • Oeds Beydals : guitar
  • Ron van Herpen : guitar
  • Job van de Zande : bass guitar
  • Bob Hogenelst : drums and percussion
  • Matthijs Stronks : keys
  • Farida Lemouchi : vocals

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