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MEREL BECHTOLD's new band DEAR MOTHER launches ’12 Years in Exile’ video


Dutch alternative metalcore 3-piece DEAR MOTHER have released their first self-produced single and music video ’12 Years in Exile’. The song gives a first impression of their upcoming debut-album, which will be released in 2021.

Watch ’12 Years in Exile’ below.

‘’As kids watching MTV, TMF etc brought us to the bands such as Linkin Park, Slipknot or System Of A Down and of course we got inspired by that just like other modern core bands like Architects, Bring me the Horizon & Asking Alexandria. Watching the current shift in the music trend it feels like this heavy music is slowly finding it’s way back’,’ says Merel. 

After writing for a solid year, the album is mixed by Mantis Audio and mastered by Niels Nielsen (In Flames, Starset and more). DEAR MOTHER offers a fresh sound where metal riffs and rock vocals meet. ’12 Years In Exile’ was inspired by a story of an imprisoned programmer who was captured and tortured for years. His  mental struggle of survival and withstanding the hell he has been through before he was eventually released.

‘’We just want to write and make music that makes us happy.’’ says Joey.

‘Video production was quite complicated during these difficult times. No extra filming crew that we could hire because of the restrictions pushed us to artistically challenge our DIY skills. We approached the entire execution of the music video in a very minimalistic yet artistic style and the results quite frankly exceeded our expectations. Silver lining for us was that we had a chance to film our first music video in a UNESCO listed venue, the ‘Van Nelle Fabriek’!’’says David.

DEAR MOTHER is guitarist Merel Bechtold, drummer Joey Marin de Boer and vocalist David Pear.

Merel Bechtold live (archive footage)

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