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MANTICORA exclusively premiere “Beast Of the Fall” video


Danish power/progsters MANTICORA re-invent their thrashy approach to writing aggressive music. Slayer, Testament, Artillery – blended with an old In Flames vibe… And then Manticorized.  the band now release “Beast Of The Fall” as their new single and exclusively premiere their new coinciding video at Arrow Lords Of Metal, released as a teaser to what will be the band’s upcoming tenth studio album.

Watch “Beast Of The Fall”  below.

Thrash, prog, power, black, death + pure heavy metal and everything else, your metalheart desires, is usually what Manticora is all about. The band, which started out in 1997 – nine albums ago – as a power metal outfit, has transformed and thereby developed their own unique style of heavy metal – a melting pot of everything you want to hear, as a genuine metal fan.

The band comments: “With the concept of the album in mind and with the lyrics for this song, dealing with dark demons, arriving to the Earth, through the Mycelium beneath the soil in the forest, we wanted to display a forest, as eerie and scary as possible, to create a feeling of not wanting to be in that particular place. A place where evil lurks and hell on Earth could emerge.”

A new Manticora album is due in early 2024

Watch the videos off their last album below.