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MAJESTICA release new single 'Ghost Of Christmas Past'


MAJESTICA release new single ‘Ghost Of Christmas Past’

In 2019 the Swedish power metal band MAJESTICA released their debut album “Above The Sky”. Now in 2020 they are back with not only a new album, but a special treat for their fans: a Christmas musical power metal album entitled “A Christmas Carol”. Today, the band have released a video for the first single, titled ‘Ghost Of Christmas Past’.

Watch ‘Ghost Of Christmas Past’ below.

Chris David comments: “If you know the story of ”A Christmas Carol” I think the title ’Ghost of Christmas Past’, tells you what the song is all about. But if you don’t, it is about Ebenezer Scrooge‘s past, what happened in his early years and how he became the greedy lonely man he is. The music shows off many elements you can expect from the record. It is a symphonic power metal Christmas musical album so of course you will hear sleigh bells, glockenspiel, recognisable Christmas melodies and an appearance of ”The Majestic Choir”.  But it is also a MAJESTICA album and I promise you that you will hear that as well!

MAJESTICA also kick off the pre-order for the album today. It will be available digitally and on CD.
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1. A Christmas Carol
2. Christmas Story
3. Ghost of Marley
4. Ghost of Christmas Past
5. The Joy of Christmas
6. Ghost of Christmas Present    
7. Ghost of Christmas to Come
8. A Christmas Has Come
9. A Majestic Christmas Theme

Tommy Johansson | guitars, vocals
Alex Oriz | guitars
Chris David | bass
Joel Kollberg | drums

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