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MAD SIN announce “Unbreakable”, out September 11th, 2020


MAD SIN announce “Unbreakable”, out September 11th, 2020

After a decade on silence, Germany’s psycho/punkabilly/rock’n’roll outfit MAD SIN are back. The new album, “Unbreakable”, finds founding member Köfte “The Big Chief” DeVille and St. Valle (Double Bass) returning to the fold. DeVille returns inspired, more self-aware, and ready to “honey bop to the darkest side of the moon together with the rest of the MAD SIN boys“.

“Unbreakable” was recorded in Kápita Studio in Catalonia, Spain.

MAD SIN will hit the road and play live as soon as the clubs are open again. “We want our fans to be a part of ‘Unbreakable’,” DeVille says. “They’ve made it possible that we’re still alive. We owe them everything.”

“Unbreakable” will be available as: Ltd. CD Digipak, Gatefold LP+CD, Digital Album, preorders will be announced shortly.
Look forward to the following songs on “Unbreakable”:

The Awakening (Intro) (0:38)
Are You Ready? (2:48)
Moon Over Berlin (3:05)
Alles ist schlecht (2:51)
Hallucinate (3:47)
Aggression (2:38)
Shine a Light (3:04)
House of Fun (2:49)
All my Friends (2:46)
Till Death Do Us Part (3:08)
Memento Mori (2:47)
Something’s Wrong (3:44)
Totgesagte leben länger (3:27)
Kill Girl (2:43)
The Long Hard Road Back From Hell (1:16)
Unbreakable (2:30)

MAD SIN are:
Köfte DeVille – Vocals
St. Valle – Double Bass
Andy Kandil – Lead Guitar
Manny Anzaldo – Guitar
KO Ristolainen – Drums

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