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Listen To New STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Song 'Miles Away' From First-Ever Acoustic Album, 'Perdida'


Listen To New STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Song ‘Miles Away’ From First-Ever Acoustic Album, ‘Perdida’

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS have released “Miles Away”, the latest single from “Perdida”, their forthcoming first-ever acoustic album. You can check it out below.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Jeff Gutt told SPIN about “Miles Away”: “That was something Robert (DeLeo, bass) brought in and he was excited about it. When Robert comes into the studio excited about an idea, you listen. So we were all ears.”

According to Gutt, Robert had already come up with a title for the tune and started playing the melody. “After that, the song kind of just fell into place, with all of us working it out,” he explained. “I really gravitated towards it because I can relate it to so many things that have happened in my life. So I tried to put a personal touch on it where I could.”

“Perdida” will be released on February 7. The band recorded the disc at drummer Eric Kretz’s Bomb Shelter Studios. STP utilized a variety of instruments that haven’t been associated with the group in the past, including flute, alto saxophone, guitarrón, viola, cello and vintage keyboards. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will also launch an acoustic tour next month.

“You have to live it to write it,” said guitarist Dean DeLeo. “And this record is a reflection of where we’ve been recently.”

Robert said “Perdida” (Spanish for ‘loss’) shows how music has helped them process grief, search for meaning and, ultimately, create something beautiful from the pain. “When I’ve gone through things in my life, I’ve found that sitting down and having an honest conversation with my guitar is the best therapy.”

“Recording an acoustic album like ‘Perdida’ is something the band has wanted to do for many years,” said Kretz. “We performed on ‘MTV Unplugged’ in 1993, and we usually play acoustic mini-sets on tour, so when Robert and Dean started playing their new songs for us during our tour last year, we knew right away they would be perfect for an acoustic album.”

Writing lyrics for an introspective album like “Perdida” meant exposing himself like never before, said Gutt, who joined the band in 2017. “It’s an emotionally honest album and I needed to approach it that way for these songs to resonate. I had to let myself be as vulnerable writing the lyrics as Dean and Robert were writing the music.”

To record “Perdida”, the quartet assembled at Kretz’s Bomb Shelter Studios in February 2019. The key to making the album, Dean explained, was finding a way to say more with less. “Everything you hear serves a purpose, from the space in the arrangements to the different instruments. We only added things that served the songs.”

As a result, there are instruments on “Perdida” that you don’t normally hear on an STP record, like flute (“I Didn’t Know The Time”) alto saxophone (“Years”) guitarrón (“Miles Away”) and enough vintage keyboards to make Rick Wakeman jealous. “We’ve done similar things before — like the trumpet solo on ‘Adhesive’ from ‘Tiny Music’ — but never on such a large scale,” Robert said. “Working with other musicians on this album was such a joy because it gave us a rare opportunity to hear our songs through someone else’s ears.”

Listen to the songs below.

Miles Away


Fare Thee Well

Three Wishes

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