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LAMB OF GOD doesn't rule out 'something special' for 20th anniversary of 'As The Palaces Burn' Album


In a recent interview with Heavy New YorkLAMB OF GOD bassist John Campbell was asked if there are any plans for him and his bandmates to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their third album, “As The Palaces Burn”, which came out in May 2003 via Prosthetic Records. He responded: “As far as the anniversary of that, these are just mile markers that, more often than, the marketing department and the record labels wanna celebrate. It’s crazy for me to look back: holy shit; that was how long ago? Fuck! So, yes, we’ll certainly take a moment to applaud that as the date comes around. If we play a show, maybe we’ll do something special.”

Campbell also talked about how LAMB OF GOD‘s songwriting has evolved since “As The Palaces Burn”, saying: “I would say it was a lot more collaborative at that point in that we would have a part — someone would bring in a part — and we would all learn the part and then we would sit there and play the part over and over again; it was just drilled into everybody’s head. And then add parts to that, or however that’s gonna go. And that was also before it was easy to have a home recording studio where you could just have your laptop and plug your guitar in and start tracking. So that has definitely changed our approach in writing. We can definitely send stuff around and be able to listen to it in our own time to kind of work out extra stuff that we’re gonna do or whatever we might wanna do. But as far as the goal of the writing, that’s remained the same. From the beginning, we just wanted to be a metal band that would show up, you would watch, your jaw would hit the floor, and all the songs we played blazingly fast and tight. And that’s kind of still been the focus.”

The follow-up to 2000’s “New American Gospel”“As The Palaces Burn” was produced by Canadian musician and producer Devin Townsend.

Regarding how Townsend came to be involved with the project, LAMB OF GOD‘s then-drummer Chris Adler told Revolver magazine: “I’ve been a big fan of Devin‘s production style for a really long time. He’d heard the last record, he saw us when we played Vancouver, and he was into what we were trying to do, which was really exciting for us. He came down to Richmond, we brought him to the studio straight off the plane, and we started working that night. The first thing we did was set up all the instruments and play the entire album, from first song to last. We were like, ‘This is the album, these are the songs — this is the way they’re staying. We need your help in getting great performances out of us, great sounds, and gluing them together.’ And he came through like a champ.”

In 2013, LAMB OF GOD released a tenth-anniversary edition of “As The Palaces Burn”, with all songs on the album remixed and remastered, alongside three bonus demo tracks,

LAMB OF GOD‘s latest album, “Omens”, was released in October. The LP is the follow-up to LAMB OF GOD‘s self-titled album, which arrived in June 2020. That effort marked LAMB OF GOD‘s first recordings with drummer Art Cruz, who joined the band in July 2019 as the replacement for Chris Adler.

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