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LAMB OF GOD release new song 'Evidence' for 'Omens' album's first anniversary

Also release documentary "Making Of: Omens"


LAMB OF GOD has released a new single called “Evidence”. The song arrives on the first anniversary of the release of the band’s “Omens” album and was recorded during the sessions for the Richmond, Virginia metal act’s ninth album. The song comes with an official lyric video.

Watch “Evidence” below.

LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe stated about the lyrical inspiration for “Evidence”: “One of the more baffling aspects of modern-day life is the conscious rejection of empirical facts in favor of Internet echo chamber emotional security blankets. Truth is not subjective, no matter how uncomfortable that makes some people. Art is, though, so enjoy the song, however you may choose to interpret it.”

On Saturday, October 7, LAMB OF GOD  released the documentary “Making Of: Omens” to a wide audience for the first time via YouTube. October 7 is the literal one-year mark for “Omens”, and last year the documentary was released in a limited capacity on-demand during release month to fans who purchased viewing tickets and/or vinyl/CD bundles.

“Omens” was the follow-up to LAMB OF GOD‘s self-titled album, which arrived in June 2020. That effort marked LAMB OF GOD‘s first recordings with drummer Art Cruz, who joined the band in July 2019 as the replacement for the group’s founding drummer, Chris Adler.

In August 2022, LAMB OF GOD bassist John Campbell told Germany’s EMP that “Omens” is “a fairly dynamic record. There’s a few other little surprises and tweaks,” he said. “But we recorded it differently this time. We went to Los Angeles and all of us in the same room and same time recording, which gave us some leeway to make changes as things happened and just kind of feel it out in a different way than we’ve done in the past, which would be everybody kind of going in their corner recording and it gets assembled later. So it was a real team effort on this one, in the recording — all the way through it’s been a team effort — and in the recording especially, when we were all in the same room doing that stuff, it was great. I got to spend three and a half weeks working on a record instead of four or five days — working on the recording of the record.”

Also in August of last year, Campbell was asked by Knotfest what led to the decision to record “Omens” live in the studio. John responded: “Well, we’ve been doing this so fucking long, we had to do something different. I believe that was producer Josh Wilbur‘s idea to do that. I know he had a great place worked out to do that in. And we had just kind of been doing it the same way over and over and over again, and we were looking to get a little more excitement into it and maybe see if that couldn’t produce a different feel on the record.”

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