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Krane Moving Gear unveils new products for travelling musicians and photographers


Krane Moving Gear unveils new products for travelling musicians and photographers

Krane, designer and manufacturer of convertible hand trucks for musicians, DJs, photographers and filmmakers, unveils new products to complement its cart range. The AMG 750 All-Terrain gear carrrier and the new Shelf Kit mobile workstation for on-location work.

The design and build of Krane AMG (Advanced Moving Gear) carts make  suitable for a diverse range of applications and industries including Music, Film & Cinema, Photography, Pro Sound, Home Improvement, Medical, Military and many others. Engineered from the ground up.

The new AMG 750 All-Terrain cart features larger 10” pneumatic wheels and 6” locking swivel casters, offering better handling and maneuverability. It is designed for use on a wide range of terrains including streets, sidewalks, curbs, grass, mud, gravel and other uneven surfaces, with minimum effort. The added 2” height compared to the previous model provides better clearance on rougher terrain. Its 6-wheel “u-boat” configuration of having 2 large center wheels and 4 swivel casters offer stability, distribute the load more evenly across the frame and provide a zero-degree turning radius. This heavy-duty hauler effortlessly transforms into nine different configurations including a 4-wheeler cart, a tall tower cart, and a 52” long-bed flat cart. It’s capable of loads up to 750 lbs (340 kgs) of gear, and comes equipped with 2 carpeted decks bolted to the carbon steel frame.

The new Shelf Kit converts the AMG 750 into a rolling tabletop setup, for cinematographers, videographers, and mobile DJs. The lightweight aluminum construction is fitted with hardwearing carpeted panels and feature raised walls to create a secure work surface for laptops, DJ controllers and turntables, lenses and other camera equipment. Also new to the range are 3” Utility Hooks that attach to the Shelf Kit, offering a convenient way for shooters to transport cables, light stands, c-stands, and tripods.

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