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KING DIAMOND is working on lyrics for new album 'The Institute'


King Diamond has revealed that he is working on lyrics for the long-awaited new album from his eponymous band. Titled “The Institute”, the group’s first studio LP in 15 years is tentatively before the end of the year via Metal Blade Records.

On Tuesday (February 1), King took to his Instagram to share a photo of several stacks of handwritten lyric sheets, and he included the following message: “In my lair working on lyrics for the new album. The words may be blurred for now but in due time the madness will unfold, you have been warned..

Back in November 2019, KING DIAMOND released its first new song in 12 years, “Masquerade Of Madness”. A month later, guitarist Andy La Rocque told The Metal Voice that he came up with the music for the track first before passing it off to King, who “needed to arrange a few things and change just a small few things for making it work with his vocals. And then, of course, he wrote the lyrics for it,” the guitarist revealed. “So we went a little back and forth until he felt like, ‘Okay, this is cool, man. This is the right key to sing in,’ and all that.”

La Rocque, whose real name is Anders Allhage, told The Metal Voice that the tentative plan is to release “The Institute” as “a single album” as part of a two-LP horror concept story, with the second part arriving at a later date. Andy also discussed his vision for the new KING DIAMOND album, saying that it will be filled with great “melodies, of course. Super important. Without melodies, there is no music,” he explained. “I’m also envisioning a more organic sound of the album. If you look back to the older albums, when Mikkey (Dee) played drums for the band, for example, it’s, like, a little bit up and down in tempo, and that makes it dynamic and also organic. So that’s one thing that I would like to hear on the next album, for sure. But building up a dynamic, kind of organic feel, the drummer is a really important thing here, of course. And I know that Matt Thompson (current KING DIAMOND drummer) is the right guy to do this, for sure.”

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